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This could happen not only here in Florida but in any State you live in. Not likely but ...

Motorcycles make an easy target for discriminatory law making because we are a minority, we are also a highly fragmented minority. We are different ages, genders, races, religions and political persuasions. We are scattered across the entire state.

Who could ever unite us into a force that would threaten the anti-motorcycle lobbies?

ABATE of Florida!

2. We’ve become the 4th largest State Motorcycle Rights Organization (MRO) in the country (IN & IL are 1&2, we regularly switch for 3rd & 4th with PA).

4. We successfully fought a bill that would forbid our children from riding on our bikes.

6. We developed an effective MSAP program that has raised motorist’s perceptions and awareness of motorcycles, and have received funding from the State of FL totaling over $750,000 to promote motorcycle safety and awareness.

8. Supported and fought for a texting-while-driving ban for the last few years.

10. We publish monthly Press Releases and/or Articles of Interest in many online & print publications, including Florida Full Throttle.

** The President of ABATE of Florida, Inc. sits as the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the National Collation of Motorcyclists (NCOM). NCOM has over 1000 member organizations.


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ABATE of Florida is a grassroots organization of volunteers. No ABATE Board Member or Officer receives any salary. We are motorcycle enthusiasts of all types: Touring, Sport, Dirt and Street Bikes.

WE are YOU!

Did you know that the Insurance Companies would love to see this enacted. Their profits would increase many times over even thou over 70% of all Motorcycle accidents are cause be an Automobile.

ABATE of Florida, Inc.’s Accomplishments

1. On July 1, 2000, we had the 30 year old Florida Helmet law repealed; July 1, 2010 was our 10th Anniversary of Freedom of Choice.

3. We got the handlebar heights law modified.

5. We successfully fought the bill that would confiscate motorcycles for going 30 MPH over the speed limit.

7. We successfully fought the bill against vertical tags that had over $1,100 in fines for a first offense.

9. Our 2009-2010 Stiffer Penalties Bill made it through five of the FL House & Senate’s committees; this is the farthest it has gone in the number of years we have tried. On the last day of session, a committee member strenuously attempted to attach a revival of the helmet law to our Bill. To avoid a new helmet law in Florida, we had to kill the Bill.

** The President of ABATE of Florida, Inc. has been asked to be on and currently sits as a member of The Motorcyclist Advisory Council (MAC) to the Federal Highway Administration in Washington, D.C. The Secretary of the U.S. Dept. of Transportation may appoint a representative from only two State MROs throughout the entire U.S.A. to be on this council.

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ABATE of Florida DOES NOT condone drinking and driving!

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