Big Ed "Trikeman" ( 1944 ~ 2002 )




Big Ed "Trikeman"

From The Heart Of All Bikers

In God's eyes, we are people just like you.
We have a family, brothers, and sisters too.
Newspapers, Hollywood, and T.V. have put us down.
Tower us like we're devils, down in the ground.

We wear boots, leathers, and Levis too.
They're to protect us, not to frighten you.
Yes. we are a rare and special breed.
We try our best to live up to it, yes indeed.
We ride horses made of hard steel.
Instead of legs, they have rolling threaded wheels.
The sun flashes bright, off of the chrome and paint.
Showing we're a biker, a drifter, or maybe a saint.
We ride the roads of this land we're in.
With our face and hair, blowing in the wind.
We live our lives as we see fit.
Some judge us and think we ain't shit.
You think we're different, so we must be bad.
You fear and judge us on appearance, ain't that sad.
We ask no favors, except for one.
Let us ride free, not like outlaws on the run.

Today I have lost a brother and a friend..... May peace be with you brother, and may you forever ride the heavens above....

Wizard - 10/04/2002