In Memory Of
Charles ‘Chasman’ Brandau
November 20th, 1945 - September 15th, 2020

   Charles was born and raised in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. During his time there, he was taught under his uncles wing to become an expert painter, as well as finish stucco and plaster master craftsman. He lived in Pennsylvania until he moved to Florida in the 1980’s where he continued his trade, working until he passed.

   "Hard working to the end" was one of the ways his daughter Ashley described her dad. Chasman had two daughters… Ashley (Richard) Brandau and Brooke Brandau of Dania Beach. Their mother is Jackie Smith. Chasman was survived by four grandchildren, whom he loved, spoiled and adored: Hunter (13), Davantae (12), AJ (7), Aaliyah (2).

   Besides hard working, he had a push to live and a drive to enjoy life. He taught his girls with tough love, but that meant he loved them and had their best interests in mind. Their dad instilled a good work ethic and showed them how to be independent at an early age. How many Girl Scout Dads do you know? Chasman filled that role for his girls for 11 years!

   In his spare time, Charles was an avid deer hunter, hunting twice a year in Wisconsin’s North woods. He loved animals, gardening, and he cherished his family. For Chasman, old-fashioned Sunday riding meant taking turns between family members, deciding who was going on a motorcycle ride. This was their Sunday custom.

   Chasman had another custom… he knew how to party. He and his close friend Wisconsin Les were known to take long distance rides together. Both Bike Weeks in Daytona Beach were amongst their favorites. Les said with a laugh, “I had to pick Chasman’s bike up off him many a time. But then again, he had to pick my bike up off of me too.” What are friends for?

   “No one can replace him,” is what Les said bout him. He was a good teacher and a Jack-of-all-Trades. He was quick to share his talents, wise, and yes – he’d give you the shirt off his back.

   If he did give you his shirt, it probably was an ABATE shirt because he was a proud member of ABATE SE. After he was diagnosed with stage 4 liver caner, he passed away of complications too great to overcome. Yet Chasman will always be remembered as a fighter and a winner. Our community mourns this respected man’s passing. Rest in Peace.

Chrissy Leonhardt