Don Meadows

1935 - 2019

Ride High in the Skies and Rest in Peace Brother.


Some folks might say March 1st, 2019, was the ‘end of an era.’ Don Meadows, otherwise widely known as a merchant for his motorcycle attire, ceased from his labors and found his place of rest. More than just a vendor, he was a friend and a father. Our community mourns the loss of one of our own. 

While few of us knew more than the public side of this man, he was a veteran who once proudly served in the US Air Force. When he wasn’t dabbling in leather works, he often enjoyed painting figurines. Like most of us, he rode, and corralled more than just one motorcycle. In the early days, Don saw the need for leather goods at a reasonable price, so he took to the road, peddling a small inventory. His business grew and so did his clientele. 

For the most part, Don was a very private man, keeping personal matters to himself. Everyone loved to talk to him because he was an incredible listener, adding a bit of dry humor if he thought something needed to be said. Don was very loyal to his customers, wanting to please them even to a fault. If you were low on cash but needed a vest for patching, he would often extend credit until you had the funds, waiting as long as you needed to pay him the balance. This kind of trust was a characteristic reminiscent of days gone by.

Most of us recognized him as a ‘fixture’ at many of our events. If you got to the event before Don arrived, then you witnessed his driving skills. He could back a 16-foot trailer into an 8-foot parking spot with ease. Besides his driving ability, he was handy and could fix just about anything. If you called on him for any reason, Don was right there. Watching him was like watching the Energizer Bunny… GO, GO, GO! He didn’t have a lazy bone in his body. And if you look in your closet, you’ll probably find something you purchased from him.

Don will be missed by so many people, especially those he survived: his son Donald Meadows and daughter-in-law Debbie Meadows; daughter Laurie Clement and son-in-law Ed Clement, along with grandchildren Jamie and Jessica Clement; sister Joann Meadows; sister Alice Struzinsky; Nephew John Schumate and brother-in-law Bill Schumate. To them, we extend our deepest sympathies and prayers. The rest of us have lost a dear friend… the handsome, blue-eyed man in the white T-shirt who will be forever missed.

Chrissy Leonhardt


ABATE of Florida Southeast Chapter extends our deepest sympathies to the entire family.

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