In Loving Memory
 Pete ‘Trash’ Straut
 10/6/1947 - 4/24/2020

Ride High in the Skies and Rest in Peace Brother.

He had two personalities. Trash was a biker when he walked out the door, but he was my husband Pete when he came home. That’s what his loving wife and best friend Patti, of 33 years told me as she reminisced about her late beloved.

Pete grew up in Maryland, later joining the Navy to serve his country in the Vietnam War. He was a medic and also a trained helicopter pilot. After six years in the military, he started his life-long career as a construction worker. It was there that he learned the value of hard work and how to stick to a job until it was done. And as Pete would say, It’s my way or no way.

Listening to music soothed his war-torn soul and as a result, Trash had quite a collection of 70’s and 80’s record albums. He collected recordings from the eras he lived through. He also collected porcelain eagle figurines, which expressed a deep sense of patriotism and freedom.

His freedom was also found in riding a Harley Davidson Low Rider. If there was one pastime when Trash was happiest, it was when he was partying with his brothers. Many knew him as a badass biker, but he was also known for his willingness to help anyone in need. Pete never thought twice when it came to doing things for others. Its no wonder many remember him for being genuinely kind and caring.

During the last year, Pete struggled with the complications of Diabetes. Death tried to knock on his door many times but Trash had a fierce will to live. With his wife and caregiver Patti by his side, he passed away on April 24th, 2020. There will be a ride in is honor set at a future date. Pete ‘Trash’ Straut, you will truly be missed.

Chrissy Leonhardt