In Memory of
Ronald Duane "Aztec" Taylor
November 25th, 1959 - September 18th, 2020


    The motorcycle community knew Ronald Duane Taylor as AZTEC. To others, he was Ronald, Ronnie, Ron, Dado, Pa and Brother. He wore a helmet and a lot of other hats. But to ‘Shine’ his wife, he was her beloved Soul Mate of 25 years.

    Born in Houston Texas, he attended Klein Forest High. Following his education, he had his own Auto Repair Shop in Austin Texas and then moved to Massachusetts where he became a very successful jewelry department manager. In 2001, he moved to Fort Lauderdale, FL continuing in jewelry sales until he switched careers and became a construction supervisor in 2016.

    As Ronnie, Aztec and Shine would often take trips to visit his mother Velia (Vee) and stepfather Rayford Nugent, whom he survived. To them, he was a caring and devoted son, helping with tasks and odd jobs at their home in Naples, FL.

    Dado was a loving father to his two children, his son Joshua Taylor and his daughter Amanda Taylor of Austin TX.

    Pa was proud of his two wonderful grandchildren, Jordan Robuccio and Angelina Robuccio of Fitchburg MA.

    Ronnie lovingly embraced his role as stepfather and friend to both Anthony Robuccio and Matthew Robuccio of Fitchburg, MA and adored his niece Nikki Cimas of Houston, TX.

    In Ron’s down time, he enjoyed hobbies such as boating and fishing. But his favorite way to spend his spare time was with his brothers and sisters in the motorcycle community. Aztec was proud to be part of the MC family and loved the connection he felt as a member and true friend. He had a deep connection that started with his membership in the Scurvy Few MC Stateside, followed by the Wheels of Man MC, Deerfield Beach, FL where he served as Vice-President. Aztec and Shine felt tremendous gratitude for the way in which the motorcycle community checked on him and supported them after Aztec’s accident (which was not the fault of his own) in their absolute time of need. It was through good times and bad, high times and lows, that relationships were built, and because of that, Aztec will always have a place in our hearts.

    Now Aztec holds an honorary position in the ride with all the brothers who have since passed before him. Sadly, this run is getting longer than we’d all like. And as Shine would say in her own words, I’ve lost my husband physically and now he has an eternal life in heaven; we will ride again!

Helmets off to you, Aztec,
Chrissy Leonhardt